14 Lambs in 2020, 8 Rams, 6 Ewes

GT Dijon,  S’More Arabesque X GT Gamgee, Single Fawn AbAa , horned Fawn Katmoget ram, DOB 4/13/2020, well-built; we estimate he will have fine fleece. Adult colors and pattern will be similar to photo.  Available post-weaning, possibly by early August 2020.

GT Tahini, GT Gussalyn X GT Gamgee, Twin Ag Aa Musket ewe, DOB 4/13/2020, well built, we estimate she will have soft, fine fleece.  Adult fleece color will be creamy white-to light grayish brown like oatmeal, and she will retain her milk chocolate head, belly, legs.

Alfredo, horned ram, breeding quality if horns work out, fleece wether if not
GT Tahini, breeding and show quality musket ewe lamble, avaialbe August--

GT Guacamole,  GT Gussalyn X GT Gamgee, Twin, DOB 4/13/2020.  Aa Aa Moorit ram lamb, well built, very dark, deep chocolate color ..  horned, fleece will likely not be kindly, most likely intermediate.  Potential meat ram or fleece wether/ fiber pet.  Fiber pet due to his deep chocolatey color. 

 GT Remoulade, GT Ganymede X UTS Mancera, Twin AaAa black half poll Ram, DOB 4/17/2020, esitmate fleece will be good, has longish birthcoat, but purse is tight curls. Potential fiber pet/fleece wether. Dam has rooing history but is late rooer–late May–mid-June.


GT Sriracha, GT Ganymede X UTS Mancera, Twin AaAa black Krunet sokket smirslet ewe, DOB 4/17/2020, beautifully marked.  Estimate fleece will be soft, fine, crimpy.  dam roos late May–mid-June.  Sire does not roo.

GT Pesto, GT Mirabelle X UTS Mancera, Twin Black Krunet sokket ram, DOB 4/18/2020, his twin brother Pico died several hours after birth, but this one is strong and well built.

GT Alfredo, GT Yavanna X GT Gamgee, Twin horned white ram, DOB 4/24/2020, birthcoat close, feels like velvet, very soft and fine.

GT Chili Mole’, GT Yavanna X GT Gamgee, moorit ewe, DOB 4/24/2020, good color, fine fleece, refined.  Might be modified.

GT Harissa, OK Acres Balsam X GT Gamgee, AaAa moorit ewe, DOB 4/25/2020, rich moorit color and very soft, close birthcoat, good confirmation, breeding and show quality.



GT Hoisin, , OK Acres Balsam, X GT Gamgee, AaAa horned moorit ram, rich moorit color and very soft, close birthcoat, potential breeding quality if horn development continues in a good direction.


GT Kimchi, GT Winnefred X, UTS Mancera Twin spotted, yuglet, gray katmoget ewe, close birthcoat, splashy markings!  Dam roos in late May–early June.  Sire does not roo.

GT Kimchi, high quality yuglet, white spotted gray katmoget ewe lamb. Twin to Wasabil

GT Wasabi, GTWinnefred X UTS Mancera, Twin spotted, yuget sokkett gray Katmoget ram, DOB4/26/2020, close birthcoat,  very fine gray fleece,  flashy markings!  Half Poll with tiny scurs, potential breeding quality for polled ram breeding program or potential high quality fleece wether.  Wethering decision will likely be made late (mid September) due to his obvious quality, so his price as a fleece wether will need to account for more expensive wethering when older.  Dam roos in late May–early June.  Sire does not roo.  Photo by Lila Jones.

GT Wasabi, yuglet gray katmoget ram suitable for polled breeding. Close birthcoat, very soft fleece.

GT Tzatziki, GT Talitha X UTS Mancera, Twin spotted horned black ram (bleset), DOB 4/27/2020.  Potential for fleece wether or breeding ram, depends on horn and fleece development.  Dam roos in late May–mid-June.  Sire does not roo.

GT Tamari,, GT Talitha X UTS Mancera, Twin spotted black ewe (bleset, smirslet) DOB 4/27/2020, beautiful facial markings!  We think she will have soft, crimpy fleece, too.  Dam is a late rooer–early to mid-June.  Sire does not roo.

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