Rams: Flock Sires for Our Spring, 2018 Lambs

GT Lancelot (white), WP Leego (moorit), UTS Mancera (black) as ram lambs --photo late September, 2017

Glen Tamarack (GT) Lancelot, Horned White Ilget, Carries Musket, Bred Nov, 2018, then SOLD-Dec

GT Lancelot, White Pine Agno x GT Leda, DOB 4/26/17, photo May, 2018
Wide loins, straight legs set square, proper tail, photo May, 2018
Handsome head, level backline, fine, uniform, crimpy fleece. photo fall, 2017

Under the Son (UTS) Mancera, Horned Black, Slowly Turning Black Frost Shaela, Bred Nov-Dec 2018

UTS Mancera, UTS Smokey x UTS Manistique, DOB 3/25/17, Photo May, 2018
UTS Mancera, Reserve Champion Ram, FFSSA Sheep Show, Ames, IA, 6/16/18 with us and Judge Sue Watson, Somerset, U.K.
Good horns and backline, straight legs, square, very fine, crimpy fleece, Champion, FFSSA Fleece Show, IA, 6/16/18, Judge Lettie Klein

White Pine (WP) Leego, Horned Moorit, Bred Nov-Dec 2018

WP Leego, FFSSA Show, IA Sheep and Wool Festival, June 16, 2018, 3rd place fleece
WP Leego and UTS Mancera, shorn, IA Sheep and Wool Festival, 6/16/18
WP Leego, full fleece, May, 2018

Our 2018 Ram Lambs SOLD or RETAINED For Possible Future Breeding Stock

2018 ram Lambs pictured were evaluated on our farm by Fleece Judge Sue Thwaites, Dorset, U.K. to retain or sell as possible future breeding stock. "Run 'em On" is her British expression for these lambs good enough overall to retain or sell.

GT Ferdinand, Tw UTS Mancera x WP Noss, DOB 4/26/18, SOLD
GT Thorian, Tr, right, (GT Lancelot x GT Talitha) Ag Gray, Thorian is SOLD, Lorien on left -waiting on horns as of Feb, 2019
Half-poll white Beren, Tr, (GT Lancelot x GT Talitha). SOLD for polled breeding
GT Gandolph, Tw, (UTS Mancera x GT Spicecake), horned gray katmoget, SOLD
GT Gamgee. Tw. (WP :Leego x GT Ganymede) moorit gulmoget, FOR SALE, pictured with twin moorit ewe Galadriel. retaining for 2019 breeding here

Flock Sires for 2021 and 2022 Lambs

Bred in fall, 2020, Wasabi (Katmoget) Enoki (musket) and Hoisin (moorit). Remolaude, the black one on left, is a fleece wether.
Left to right: Inse Enoki, GT Hoisin, and GT Wasabi, all bred in Nov/Dec 2021 for lambs in Aprill/May, 2022. Same 3 were also bred here in fall, 2021 as lambs and alll are proven.