First, a word about “Breeding Quality,” which means these animals are free of or have a good probability of being free of s disqualifications listed in the original 1927 Standard for Shetland Sheep as well as having traits of typical Traditional 1927® Shetland lambs such as a promise of fine, single-coated, crimpy fleece.  For young lambs this is based on breeders’ judgement, and when we are able, assessment by additional experienced breeders, judges, and Inspectors for the Shetland Sheep Society (SSS) in the United Kingdom.  Registration in North American Shetland Sheep Association (NASSA), is the  primary pedigree registration for Shetland Sheep in North America and the initial registration we use in our flock.  Some traits like horns, fleece,  and teeth might take until full maturity at age 3 or more to know for sure.  We have 7 years of breeding and culling experience with the specific lines of fine fleece Shetlands we have in our flock and have retained some of our own lambs for several generations of breeding, so we know typical growth and development progressions for our lines.  We have owned Shetland sheep for over 10 years.   If you want Fine Fleece Association Registration (FFSSA) also for your Shetlands we can help you attain that; all of our NASSA-registered sheep parents over 2 years old have earned permanent registration with FFSSA by wool (micron) lab tests at least age 22 months; many, especially our rams, also are inspected by Shetland Sheep Society-certified inspectors and judges from the UK at age 17 -18 months or older.  FFSSA uses Appendix A of the original 1927 Standard, the one used in the United Kingdom, for their registration standard.  FFSSA has a formal grading system developed from micron testing of a mid-side sample of wool analyzed by a qualified lab, and also from the grading system used by Oliver Henry and others on the Shetland Islands.   Please refer to FFSSA website at We can provisionally register lambs in FFSSA when both parents are permanently registered in FFSSA, but each lamb must individually qualify for permanent FFSSA registration by wool tests and all other attributes in when at least  22 months old.  

Breeding quality Ram Lambs

GT Beren, Scurred (half polled, small scurs suitable for polled breeding) white ram lamb, triplet, GT Lancelot x GT Talitha, excellent conformation with staight hocks and wide loins, stands square, level back, good head, and very fine fleece.  One scur has broken off and is growing back, Qualified for NASSA registration at point of sale.  DOB 5/12/18  

GT Thorian, NASSA registered, fully horned Ag gray ram, triplet, GT Lancelot x GT Talitha, great conformation, straight, level, stands square,  parasite resistance, fine crimpy fleece coming in, carries spotting. NASSA registered.  DOB 5/12/17

GT Lo’rien, horned gray katmoget ram, twin, UTS Mancera x GT Leda, Excellent markings and good conformation, fine fleece might carry horned ewe gene. NASSA registered.   DOB 5/8/18

GT Gamgee, NASSA registered, fully horned moorit gulmoget ram, twin, WP Leego x GT Ganymede.  Acceptable conformation, good horns, fine fleece.   For Sale, but we will be happy to retain him ourselves if he doesn’t sell this fall

GT Ferdinand, fully horned yuglet gray katmoget ram lamb, twin, UTS Mancera x WP Noss.  Outstanding conformation, very fine fleece, dam roos, NASSA registered.  DOB 4/26/18 RESERVED

Breeding Quality Ewe Lambs

GT Galadriel, moorit ewe lamb, twin, WP Leego x GT Ganymede. Acceptable fleece and acceptable conformation. Slightly cow-hocked, breed to ram with straight hocks.   NASSA registered,  DOB 5/1/18. 

GT Tauriel, Moorit ewe lamb, twin, WP Leego x GT Adrienne.  Very solid, level, square confirmation, very dense fleece, well wooled on poll and cheeks, great tail.  Fleece is fine and crimpy, but fades off somewhat ahead of britch.  Eligible for NASSA registration.  DOB 4/25/18.  

GT Melian, Gray katmoget flecket ewe lamb, twin, GT Lancelot x GT Leda.  Very fine fleece, good conformation. DOB 5/8/18. RESERVED

GT Nina, Gray katmoget, yuglet, flecket ewe lamb, twin, NASSA registered,  UTS Mancera x WP Noss.  Excellent breeding, conformation and fleece.  Expect a milky, productive future from her based on her dam’s outstanding performance.  DOB 4/26/18.  Dam roos. SOLD  

GT Yavanna, white ilget ewe lamb, small fawn or musket spot on shoulder indicates she carries Ag musket or modified fawn coloration, triplet, GT Lancelot x GT  Ceres.  Has tiny horn buttons, carries horned ewe gene but will not be a fully horned ewe.   Fleece will not be as fine as our finest ones but is soft and crimpy now, just somewhat tippy.  Not yet NASSA registered, but eligible.  Lovely head, good width of body and loins to improve carcass-yield traits in someone’s flock.  DOB 4/22/18.,

GT Luthien, gray katmoget ewe lamb, single, UTS Mancera x S’More Arabesque.  Fine, crimpy fleece, straight and level topline, wide rear end and loins.  Eliglible for NASSA registration but slightly cow-hocked, should be bred to ram with straight hocks. Also pictured in front row, left;  she is the gray katmoget lamb in top banner photo on this lamb page.

GT Bard, horned black ram, triplet, UTS Mancera x SP Velvet Night.  Fine fleece, but somewhat spiral crimp,  level backline but slightly cow-hocked.  DOB 4/24/18.  Fleece coarsens a bit before britch. Not registered.  Best use would be meat lamb or wethered as fiber pet, wethering not included.

Potential Fiber Pets and meat lambs, friendly, Unregistered, Intact at this time

GT Celeborn, fully horned white ram, triplet, GT Lancelot x GT Ceres.  Good conformation and horns, wide loins, correct tail, fleece will not likely be as fine as as required throughout lifespan as for Traditional 1927® Shetland breeding ram.  DOB 4/22/18.  Is striaght-legged and has good horns.  Eligible for NASSA registration.

For Fiber Pets and Cross-breeding

Horned white ram, (lamb on right in 1st photo, left in 2nd photo), triplet, GT Lancelot x GT Talitha, DOB 5/12/18.  Fleece finer than Celeborn’s above, very slightly cow-hocked.

GT Flora, black spotted ewe, triplet, UTS Mancera x SP Velvet Night.  Fine, crimpy fleece, level conformation but too cow-hocked for registered breeding  DOB 4/22/18.  Fleece tends towards spiral crimp but is soft and fine.  Best use is as fiber pet or meat lamb, will not be registered.

GT Gloin, white scurred ram (half poll), GT Garnet x GT Lancelot.  Unregistered, meat lamb, currently is intact ram.

GT Bilbo Baggins is the black lamb on the right.  His fleece fine but breaks early at the britch.  He nursed from his mother but was supplemented with bottles, so is friendly, easy to handle.  He would need to be purchased and wethered by end of October if someone wants him as a fiber pet.  Color might be shaela as an adult but is black now and for first fleece.  Parents are UTS Mancera x GT Spicecake. 

We have several meat lambs besides those mentioned here, usually the reason is bad horns or fleece that will coarsen too much later.  One moorit, two muskets. Once they are large enough to slaughter, they  will be sheared prior to slaughter or else skinned for pelts at slaughter.  Call us 715-322-4011 if interested in meat, raw fleeces, or pelts.  One of the musket meat lambs is on the left in photo above with Bilbo Baggins. 

Breeding Quality Yearling Ewes (Yearling Rams Listed Separately Under Breeding Flock Menu)

GT Gussalyn, Musket Yearling Ewe
GT Malkyn, Musket Yearling Ewe
GT Mirabelle, Musket Yearling Ewe
GT Winifred, Gray Katmoget Yearling Ewe
GT Thea, Fawn Katmoget, Yearling Ewe
GT Juliana, Gray Katmoget shorn , shows spotting, Yearling Ewe, RESERVED
GT Alainor, Front, Spotted Gray Katmoget, Yearling Ewe