Ewes and Lambs for Sale, August/September, 2022

Ewes and Lambs for Sale and available after August 23, 2022

GT Kimchi, spotted gray katmoget ewe with her spotted black ram lamb, Kickapoo. Kimchi is FOR SALE. Transport to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival for any sheep or lamb FOR SALE on this page is possible if deposit of $50 per sheep or lamb received prior to Sept. 8, 2022
GT Kewaunee is solid black and carries white spotting. She has fine crimpy fleece. GT Hoisin, a horned, fine fleeced moorit Ram is sire of GT Kimchi's Lambs and both parents are dual registered--NASSA and FFSSA. Hoisin is already leased for the fall, 2022 breeding season. Call or e-mail for prices and more information if interested in Kimchi or either of her lambs. All are FOR SALE
GT Kickapo is likely fully horned and has fleece with slightly wider crimp than most of our lambs,, but he is single-coated, eleglible for NASSA registration, and FOR SALE.
GT Zella in May, 2022 with newborn twin ewe lambs Kinnickanic (dark with coat on right) and Oconto (white) is SOLD. Zella and her ewe lamb, Kinikannic, are both FOR SALE. Zella is dual registered and Oconto will likely be as well. Kinnickannic is eliglible for NASSA registration and possibly FFSSA registration as well. All FFSSA registrations on lambs are provivisional until their fleece development is fully assessed with micron testing at age 22 months or older.
GT Zella as a lamb 6-9 months old. She has excellent confirmation and is a great mother with fine fleece and rooing genetics. She is age 3 now, FOR SALE 2022 lambs pictured adjacent to this photo.. Homozygous Black (BB) is likely genotype of base color carried under her white and she also carries Katmoget pattern. Zella and Enoki's 2022 twin white ewe lamb, Oconto, has already been sold. Oconto now looks very similar to Zella in this photo.
GT Kinikannic, GT Zella and Inse Enoki's 2022 agouti gray ewe lamb twin. She was born nearly black and her lamb fleece will be heathered gray as in photo. Her adult fleece will all be light gray, great for overdyeing or as the natural color with colorwork knitting such as Fair Isle.. Fine, crimpy fleece. Overall, her fleece is dense and silkly with slightly broader crimp than Zella's and Oconto's. Kinickannic is FOR SALE.
Moorit dam GT Tahini is RESERVED, but her fawn Katmoget ewe lamb, Thornapple, pictured with her here is FOR SALE. Thornapple's sire is GT Wasabi. She has a ram lamb twin named GT Peshtigo, but we are not sure if his horns will clear yet.

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