2018 Breeding Ewes In Order of Lambs' Births

SOLD Sheltering Pines Velvet Night, Shaela, Bred to UTS Mancera, Triplets born 4/22/18, 2 ewes and 1 ram
SOLD GT Ceres, Fawn, Bred to GT Lancelot, Triplets born 4/22/18, 2 rams and 1 ewe
SOLD GT Adrienne, Moorit, bred to WP Leego,, Twins born 4/25/18, 1 ram, 1 ewe
WP Noss. White Ilget, bred to UTS Mancera, Twins born 4/26/18, 1 ram and 1 ewe
SOLD GT Garnet, Fawn, bred to GT Lancelot, Twin rams, born 4/27/18
SOLD GT Spicecake, Fawn Katmoget, Bred to UTS Mancera, Twin rams,, born 5/1/18
GT Ganymede, Fawn Gulmoget, bred to WP Leego, Twins, one ram and one ewe, born 5/1/18
S"More Arabesque, Fawn Katmoget, bred to UTS Mancera, Single ewe, born 5/3/185
GT Leda,white, bred to UTS Mancera, Twins, one ram and one ewe, 5/9/18, pictured with ewe lamb in early September, 2018
GT Talitha, black spotted, bred to GT Lancelot, Triplet rams, born 5/12/18. Talitha is also the black ewe in back of Leda's ewe lamb on previous photo.

Please see March, 2018 Micron Test results by clicking on  WoolTest Tab in this menu.  Single alphabet letter coded with name of sheep indicates midside sample.  Double Alphabet letter indicates neck sample–not all necks were tested, but we wanted some idea because we have combed top made from necks.  Lancelot’s name was mispelled as “Lacelot” by the lab.   Some local sheep bred by us and now in other local flocks were micron tested as well; we fund those tests sometimes because we like to see how sheep we breed perform over time. See also our most recent Health test results under same menu tab.