Winter Shelters for Shetland Sheep

Breeding season has presented some interesting challenges with providing winter shelters for all 5 of our breeding and non-breeding groups.  We have two round calf shelters that the rams and ram lambs delight in pushing around their paddock, often so the door is up against the electric fence that separates them from the ewes, rending the hut unuseable.  It also exposes bedding and minerals at the former site to the elements and the huts are tiresome to move back uphill to their proper sites.  So, while Russ was hunting out west, our friend Mark and I fixed the ram lambs’ hut.  We moved it back uphill and Mark helped me lash it to a corner of non-electric fence with a tow strap and ratchet setup.  For good measure I also put a heavy cement block against the downhill side.  I restocked bedding and minerals.  It has remained in place for over two weeks–YES!!!  Five lambs and a wether in this non-breeding group are cozy inside at night and on cold windy days.  Lancelot and his two ewes have their own hut in another paddock, too.  It does not move.  Leego and his son Gamgee were the culprits moving the hut we had to lash in place…

GT Gamgee and GT Lo'rien are cozy and have dry bedding inside the hut on a cold morning.

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