I made these fingerless mitts for a friend for Christmas–wool sleeve cuffs fulled from a felted sweater.  I added the ribbed cuffs and some for the thumb from commercial yarn I had on hand and am now making a pair for myself from up-cycled sock cuffs–just cut off foot for worn out socks, save the unworn cuffs, the prettier they are, the better, and knit or crochet thumbs and cuffs on them.  Very easy and they keep working hands warm inside and also on spring or fall days outside.  Great for driving, too.  I also upcycle yarn.  For example, I sometimes inherit partially knitted items (unfinsihed) without patterns.  I frog them (ripit, rivit) and reuse the yarn.  I have made half a dozen pairs of mittens from yarn like this and one pair won upcycling category at a guild retreat in the Twin Cities Feb. 9th.  They were men’s mittens for wearing under choppers, warm and sturdy.


Mittens I knit from 2 strands of upcycled yarn on Addi Express using combo technique

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