Socks For Sale!

Sizes on labels correspond to men's and women's shoe sizes
ankle and boot length socks
Boot length, left, compared to Ankle length, right

Our socks have arrived from the mill!  They are made of gray yarnthat is 50% our Traditional 1927 ® FFSSA Shetland wool, 20% local Crossbred wool hand-selected by me from our neighbors’ crossbred flock (Shetland, Coopworth, Tunis, Rambouillet crosses), and 20% nylon for washability and durability.  Conveniently machine wash (cold), dry flat or on a rack.   These American-made socks are very high quality, with 80% wool in the yarn which means, warm, wicking, and odorless.  They are for summer as well as winter wear–your will be amazed how comfort adjusts to the weather.  Sweat totally wicks away, you do not feel it.  We have tested them and have others testing them as well.  You can take them off, air them overnight and wear them again the next day with no odor, and for another day after that, before washing them.  They are cushy, comfortable and control the temperature you feel –warm in cold weather and just right in warm weather.  They are built to last–a additional nylon thread framework helps them wear longer.  We tested similar pairs by same manufactuers for a year.  They soon became our favorite socks; we wore them often. We have no thin spots or holes in our test pairs yet!!   We have been hard at work labeling and inventorying the new batch from our wool, as well as placing them in local stores.  See them at Maple Hill Farm Store, Ladysmith, WI and Toadhouse, Ladysmith, WI.  If you do not live nearby, you can also order them from our website store and we’ll ship them to you.  Sizes  (Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large) are keyed to sex and shoe size on the label.  By comparison, Smart Wool socks are only 60% wool, and we can tell the difference, our 80% wool  feels better and in cold weather is warmer.  Our feet in 80% wool socks also stay fresh and dry on hot days.  The wool wicks all the sweat and odors away.  Try them, we have been very pleased with ours!!!!  Available in both ankle and boot length.  We had fewer ankle-length made so one size (Medium) in ankle length is already sold out.  They are all medium gray in color, which goes with just about everything. 

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