Raw Fine Fleece Shetland Fleeces For Sale

Livestock Conservancy's Shave "Em To Save 'Em Stamps Available for Raw Fleeces, Rovings, Top, and Yarns Purchased from Us

Our Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association ® and US Patented Fleeces qualify for Stamps from the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em Program.  I am just finishing the 3rd  or 4th skirting on them.  We have fine, white raw fleeces available for sale as well as black and possibly moorit, depending on what you want and will be using them for.  Any that don’t sell or won’t be retained by us for hand-processing will be sent for processing into yarn or rovings by the end of July/beginning of August, 2020.  We will ship.  Please call or email for details or send a request on our “contacts” page.  Prices vary from $20-$30 per pound depending on quality of fleece.  Show quality $30 per pound; fleeces that require flick combing or hand combing $20-$25 per pound depending on FFSSA Grade and overall quality.  Usually shipped in USPS Large Flat Rate Box and range in weight from 1.5 (heavily skirted lamb fleece) to 2.5 pounds (skirted adult fleece).  Necks and britches are skirted out and not included unless by special request.  All our sheep and lambs are coated mid-October –May to minimize vegetative matter, etc. in the fleece.  Yearling and adult ram fleeces if well closed are suitable for the cruelty-free pelt making process, where they are felted raw with soap and hot water to retain the lock structure.  Cruelty-free Shetland pelts, capes, and lap blankets are extremely soft and warm.

A closed fleece like our black ram Mancera's fleece is especially suitable for making a cruelty-free pelt. This is a felting process that you do outdoors with hot, soapy water and the fleece is washed at same time it is made into a "pelt" or lap blanket. Warm, soft, also very efficient!
Last summer I made a cruelty-free re-enactor's cape from our ram Gamgee's lamb fleece. It is very warm and soft. His fleece this year is suitable for this process and would make a lap-sized cruelty-free pelt blanket. I used fawn katmoget rovings on this cape to fuse and felt the back of it, which is why you see the creamy-colored edges on this one.

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