Malkyn’s and Gussalyn’s Lambs

Here’s a better photo of GT Malkyn’s single moorit ewe lamb, born Friday, April 5, doing very well. GT Gussalyn (Sire is UTS Mancera) just presented us with two beautiful black-based lambs, a spotted Ag gray ram lamb and a solid black ewe lamb. They are strong and healthy, doing very well. All we did was go out for breakfast with our friend George Hammond from La Crosse, and they were up, nursing, licked off and waiting for us when we returned. Love those Shetland mom’s!!! Gussalyn and Malkyn are musket half sisters, both sired by WP Agno, whom we leased from  Garrett Ramsay a couple years ago. GT Mirabelle, another musket half-sister of these two, is due to deliver soon, too.  We are hoping to get some more lambs delivered before the big storm forecast for Wed/Thurs hits.

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