Lambs, Round 4, April 17-April 22

S”more Arabesque (x UTS Mancera) went into active Labor about 3 pm Easter Sunday. About 9:15 pm she gave birth to a black ewe lamb (named Biscotti) who carries spotting, and by 10 pm she had two lovely ewe lambs–the second one (named Brioche) is black with white spotting on head, socks, and tail. ..

GT Talitha (x GT Lancelot) gave birth to triplets the following morning, April 22. First born is a large Agouti gray ewe whom we named “Fritatta”; 2nd born was a very small white ilget ewe (only 2.7 pounds) whom we are calling
Mini-muffin, AKA “Minna” and the third born is a medium sized white ram whom we named “Crumpet”. Minna, the small white ilget ewe, had almost no sucking reflex at ibrth and was not strong enough to stand on her own or lift her head. We brought her into the house to warm her up. After the other two nursed, , we milked Talitha and tube-fed her precious colostrum to Minna, thus saving her life. Minna was born so thin she could not keep herself warm. We ended up tube-feeding her three times before she learned to use a Pritchard nipple and bottle on her own (Russ gets credit for that) early the morning of Day 2, after had a long night trying to get her to nurse various nipple/ bottle types. (She refused any more tube feeding.) Now at Day 5 she is on Lamb milk replacer and doing very well, follows us like a puppy inside and outside and has gained over half a pound since birth. Our Lab Ellie and her get along well, too. If all continues to go well, May 4 or 5 Minna will go to her new home, continue to be bottle-fed, and be raised as a therapy animal for disabled people and inner city kids. Her two siblings are doing well with their Mom. Minna never was able to nurse her mom, although we tried to teach her several times. I think she was conceived later than the other two and was born somewhat premature, but what a strong will to live she has!

Arabesque in Labor Easter Sunday--very calm
Biscotti is the black and white ewe lamb and Brioche is the Black Ewe Lamb
Minna, Talitha's tiny ewe triplet, at 5 days old
Talitha's large gray ewe triplet at birth
Talitha's white ram ltriplet at birth

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