Our lambing season in 2021 started April 15, 2021 with the birth of GT Wasabi x GT Patacone’s lambs, and ended May 12, 2021 with birth of GT Wasabi x GT Arabesque lambs evening of May 6, 2021. We have a dozen lambs, out of 7 ewes and 4 rams. Seven are ewe lambs and 5 are ram lambs. We think at present that it is our highest overall quality lamb crop ever. Details about each lamb are in photo captions. Based on present health, confirmation, horn-set for rams and fleece (with exception of Wasabi’s black ewe lambs who have birthcoats where we cannot tell much about adult fleece yet). We have 10 years of breeding experience with fine fleeced Shetlands and and we know how most genetic lines in our flock develop. Based on that, we estiate all 12 will be registerable and of breeding quality and we will likely have a good number of show quality lambs this year as well. They are very young yet of course, with the oldest being just over a month old and the youngest being just over a week old, and things can change at this age, but right now the indicators we use to predict adult quality are trending in an improving way as the lambs grow. Weaning time will be near the end of July or the beginning of August. Photos are grouped based on each ram and the lambs he sired.  All rams bred as 7-8 month lambs and are now yearlings.  All rams are horned.


GT Wasabi's Lambs

Inse Enoki's lambs

GT Dijon's Lambs

GT Hoisin's Lambs