Lambs 2019, Update and Summary

It is looking like our final lamb count for 2019 is 16 lambs:  1 single, 6 sets of twins, and 1 set of triplets out of 8 ewes.  Ewe lambs out-numbered ram lambs this year with 9 ewe lambs and 7 ram lambs.  Our tiny triplet ewe bottle lamb, Minna Mini-Muffin, just went to her new home today and is doing well there.  She made huge progress while she was here–a tough little girl who started at 2.7 pounds and left this morning 12 days old at 5.7 pounds, lively and healthy.  We’ll miss her, but she her special destiny is to be a Therapy Lamb, thanks,Denise Hackel, for opening your heart and home to her!  Our one sad note for 2019  is that we think Leda, our sweet 4 year old white ewe, missed her breeding with Leego   and will have no lambs.  Time will tell, but although she is quite large, her udder is still very small and our last possible likely due date based on ram exposure period was today.  Her udder should be bagging up by now.  Leda is an easy keeper and likely will need to lose some weight before she can be successfully bred again. 

Minna's official baby picture, taken at 11 days old on 5/3/19, the day before she went to her new home.
Leda with her 2018 ewe lamb Melian, whom we sold for breeding last fall. Leda has had some outstanding lambs. We will miss not having any from her this year. Through her son GT Lancelot, fortunately we do have several lovely grand daughters of Leda's this year. Minna, Fritatta, Kiiselli and Kringla.are among them as well as a grandson, Crumpet. We also retained her black Katmoget 2018 son, Lorien.

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