Lambs 2019: Round 3

The week of April 14, 2019 we have had two sets of twin rams born. On April 15, GT Mirabelle x UTS Mancera–both their lambs will be Agouti gray (light gray) as adults on their bodies but legs and heads will remain black or black and white. Their names are GT Fritter and GT Flapjack. Flapjack is the one with the spotted black and white face. They are good-sized boys–Fritter was 7.25 pounds at birth and Flapjack was about six and a half pounds at birth. Mirabelle is the first ewe we have ever heard/seen scream with a wide open mouth while in labor, but she delivered the lambs all by herself with a little moral support, bless her!

On Wednesday, April 17, GT Ganymede x UTS Mancera had black twin ram lambs. These boys have more  average birth weights between 5 and 6 pounds. The HST (Head, socks, and tail have white spots) one is Muesli (a mixed grain cereal with milk and fruit) and the mostly black one with a bit of white on his head is Kolachy (a Czech pastry with filling, in his case, poppyseed filling. due to his black color, lol). These two will not turn light gray as they mature but will remain either black or become dark, charcoal gray (shaela), based on what we know about their parents’ color genetics. I was studying  Muesli ‘s facial markings carefully yesterday; he has eyeflashes and tan wool inside his ears like his gulmoget mother, so he is also gulmoget pattern.   Most of it is masked by his flashy white spotting. If he is ever bred, though, gulmoget lambs are a 50/50 possibility from Muesli. 

Mirabelle licks Flapjack just after birth while Fritter, the firstborn, nurses.
GT Ganymede with Kolachy, left, and Muesli (right)
Here on the lamb on the left, Muesli, you can see the tan wool inside his ears and a hint of an eyeflash in front of his eye. You can also see his dam's gulmoget facial markings.

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