Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Time to celebrate–sheep are getting a fresh cabbage leaves on this St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. Ewes are ready to lamb, which starts in 2-3 weeks. We have vaccinated, wormed, and rooed wool from udder area to keep it cleaner for the lambs. We will trim hooves in the jugs once each has her lambs. Look –the huge snowbank in front of the lean-to is GONE, and there is a little bare ground showing in spots! Soon it will be time to get our partially-retted flax out of the barn and start retting it, but it is not quite warm enough yet. Temp. is 36 degrees today at noon.

I finished another pair of mittens this week, too! These are from upcycled yarn and some of my own Traditional 1927R Handspun.

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