Great MSSBA Show 9/7/19, Jefferson, Wisconsin!

GT Mirabelle, Reserve Champion Ewe for Second Time, First Place Senior Ewe, Second place Best Small Flock with Scottish Judge Andrew Bain
GT Lefse, spotted Ag gray patterned ram lamb, wins Sue Russo Memorial Trophy, 2nd place ram lamb, 5th place pair of ram lambs under Judge Andrew Bain

We showed 9 sheep in all classes, placed in all classes, and 3 of our sheep qualified championship classes, with GT Mirabelle earning Reserve Champion Ewe for the Second time–she had also won it as a lamb.  We cannot keep all these lovely sheep as our space over winter is limited.  We even had to leave some quality sheep at home because we did not have enough room in the trailer to bring them.  Please see our sales list, revised today, on the North American Shetland Sheep Breeders Association sales site,if you are looking for quality breeding stock for fall. Link to NASSA sales site is:

 All sheep for posted sale on NASSA sales site are NASSA registered or eligible, FFSSA registered or potentially eligible once they are the age to get fleece tested and qualify.  I will be updating our website’s sales list and photos next week–still very busy with sheep, wool, dyeing, felting and gardening right now!  Also stay tuned for a post next week about the natural dyeing I have been busy with…

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