Conformation of Shetland Rams–Finer points

For those wondering about conformation, Glen Tamarack Lancelot, 3rd place yearling ram and anchor of 3rd place “Best Small Flock” in 2018 MSSBA show in Wisconsin,  is a good example of 
“straight legs and standing square on his legs”.  He also has a correct head Proportion of length to width of face and correctly straight nose profile, even going into breeding season.  The tiny bump on his nose near his halter line is normal for a ram entering breeding season, but one would not want to see much more of a bump in profile than that, experienced breeders tell me.    Note the excellent width of his chest, which contributes to his very square look.  Condition-wise, he is um, overfed here, had nothing to do all summer except eat good forage, lol.  He is going into breeding season with plenty of “energy stores”…could get by comfortably with less, although that is not HIS opinion…  A long time Wisconsin breeder of Shetlands who has been to the Shetland Islands saw Lancelot at the show and shared “He is what the rams on the Shetland Islands look like”, which Russ and I considered a great complement and it made us grateful to all the good breeders of Shetland Sheep who have helped us along the way.  Photo by Debra Green


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