Wool from our sheep–shearing, skirting, washing, sorting, processing, spinning, dyeing. Yarns we make.

Happy Holidays!

Leego and Russ, who is pleased both yearling rams are behaving, halos for the boys! Lionel and Thorian, Our Angels all the time, even in breeding season... Ellie and Terry, trying to behave, but don't let them fool you... From All of Us At Glen Tamarack Some of our ewes who ALWAYS behave themselves!

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The rams and ram lambs are NOT pushing this hut around again!

Winter Shelters for Shetland Sheep

Breeding season has presented some interesting challenges with providing winter shelters for all 5 of our breeding and non-breeding groups.  We have two round calf shelters that the rams and ram lambs delight in pushing around their paddock, often so the door is up against the electric fence that separates them from the ewes, rending the hut unuseable.  It also exposes bedding and minerals at the former site to the elements and the huts are tiresome to move back uphill to their proper sites.  So, while Russ was hunting out west, our friend Mark and I fixed the ram lambs'…

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Gathering Wool

Gathering Wool (by Jeanne [Terry] Dukerschein) September 14, 2018 Welcome to Gathering Wool, Glen Tamarack Farm's Sheep and Fiber Art Blog (with sheepy, wooly subject matter and a few essays, poems, and recipes thrown in)! I have just redone our whole website in Word Press and hope it will be informative for you and easy to navigate!  As I have more time to work on the website, I will try to bring in archives from my former blog, Glen Tamarack Farm Sheep and Fiber Art, but for now, I will just post what is happening on the farm in the…

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