2020 Lambing Season Began April 13

After a huge snowstorm on Easter Sunday, the sun came out crisp and cold the following day and by about 10:30 am Monday, April 13, we had 2 ewes, Arabesque and Gussalyn, give birth to their lambs. Both were bred to GT Gamgee, our moorit gulmoget ram. Arabesque's ram lamb, Alfredo, carries both her katmoget and Gamgee's gulmoget, so he is dual patterned. He is looking good so far and could be quite useful to someone who has a lot of solid colored ewes and wants to introduce Katmoget and Gulmoget patterns into their flock. Gussalyn has a beautiful Ag…

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Lambs, Round 4, April 17-April 22

S"more Arabesque (x UTS Mancera) went into active Labor about 3 pm Easter Sunday. About 9:15 pm she gave birth to a black ewe lamb (named Biscotti) who carries spotting, and by 10 pm she had two lovely ewe lambs--the second one (named Brioche) is black with white spotting on head, socks, and tail. .. GT Talitha (x GT Lancelot) gave birth to triplets the following morning, April 22. First born is a large Agouti gray ewe whom we named "Fritatta"; 2nd born was a very small white ilget ewe (only 2.7 pounds) whom we are calling Mini-muffin, AKA "Minna"…

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Our 2019 Lambing Season Has Begun!

Moorit ewe lamb named Patacone, single, born to GT Malkyn, who is turning 2 years old soon and is the most petite of our dual registered (NASSA/FFSSA) musket ewes. WP Leego, our 2 yr old moorit ram, is the proud sire. Malkyn is mothering up splendidly to her pretty little girl, who weighed 5.8 pounds once dried off.  Brunch is our naming theme.  My friend Louise Young earned the right to name Patacone.  A Patacone is a golden brown, football-shaped fried Plantain served at Panamanian brunches.  Louise and I have both spent significant time in Panama, but we were there…

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Getting Ready for Lambing

We have spent the last month getting ready for lambing. What we do and how we time it have specific reasons in the linked MS Word Document. April snow fall is common here. No lambs yet but if any ewes were bred on first ram exposure day, the lambs are due in just a few days, so we are watching and waiting...

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Breeding groups for April/May 2019 Lambs

GT Lancelot's Breeding Group includes GT Tasha and GT Winifred (rear)     UTS Mancera's Group includes S'More Arabesque, GT Ganymede, GT Gussalyn, GT Mirabelle, and WP Noss who was inside...     Thanks to Russ for setting up paddocks, to Mark Kries for help anchoring a hut and moving sheep, and to Lila Jones for help moving sheep!      

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