Breeding groups for Spring, 2022 Lambs

Ram 1: GT Wasabi-spotted black Katmoget, Bb,hornedRam 2: Inse Enoki-musket, horned, bbRam 3: GT Hoisin-moorit, bb, horned
Wasabi’s Ewes: GT Mirabelle, bb musketEnoki’s Ewes: GT Patacone- moorit, bbHoisin’s Ewes: GT Winifred, Spotted Black Katmoget, Bb
GT Tahini (moorit, bb) GT Zella (white, BB) GT Kiisseli, White, Bb, carries katmoget
Inse Elderberry, black, BbGT Kimchi, spotted black katmoget, B?
Table above indicates our breeding groups/ parentage of lambs to be born spring, 2022. Where know, black (B) and brown (b) genootype is noted.

Breeding rams for 2021 and 2022 lambs. Left to right, Inse Enoki, GT Hoisin, and GT Wasabi. All were bred as lambs in 2021 and all are proven. They will also be for sale in spring, 2022, once they qualify for permanent FFSSA registration with fleece tests taken at 22 months old. All are currently NASSA registered. It works the same way for ewes. Our sheep are dual-registered once they are old enough and once each qualifies.

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