Breeding Groups for Spring 2020 Lambs

UTS Mancera's 11_16_19 breeding group Includes GT Gamgee, GT Winifred, GT Mirabelle and GT Talitha. Two gray breeding/show quality ram lambs for sale are to the right in pen behind cattle panels. GT Gamgee's breeding group inclues OK Acres Balsam, S'More Arabesque, GT Yanvanna, GT Gussalyn, and GT Malkyn Many thanks to our good friend and neighbor Sharon Voldberg for helping me herd sheep into 4 groups today--she is very skilled at it!  We have the two breeding groups plus the two groups of lambs--we are not breeding any lambs this year.

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Our First Farm to Table

Rainy today-- quiet, restful--we slept a little late and now we are picking up and reorganizing. We had a wonderful Farm to Table Dinner with close friends Sharon and Craig Voldberg hosting and providing their farm products as well (apple and pumpkin pies, grass-fed red Angus Sirloin tip roast, home-made bread, local cheeses and wine, etc.) , and some good friends attending our "pilot dinner"--our first attempt at this, a fun group! For our farm's contribution Russ grilled an herbed, butterflied leg of lamb outside, and I sauteed some Mutton Loin Korabiak inside, plus baked a "Free" Pumpkin pie (gluten,…

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Great MSSBA Show 9/7/19, Jefferson, Wisconsin!

GT Mirabelle, Reserve Champion Ewe for Second Time, First Place Senior Ewe, Second place Best Small Flock with Scottish Judge Andrew Bain GT Lefse, spotted Ag gray patterned ram lamb, wins Sue Russo Memorial Trophy, 2nd place ram lamb, 5th place pair of ram lambs under Judge Andrew Bain We showed 9 sheep in all classes, placed in all classes, and 3 of our sheep qualified championship classes, with GT Mirabelle earning Reserve Champion Ewe for the Second time--she had also won it as a lamb.  We cannot keep all these lovely sheep as our space over winter is limited. …

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Comparing Ram Lamb Horns

Left to right, Lefse, Crumpet, Rugelach All 3 ram lambs pictured at left look fully horned at ages of at least 4 -4.5 months.  At this age, horns should have at least 2-3 man's fingers of width between them on the skull to allow for increase in thickness as the lamb grows.  All these lambs have at least 2 fingers of width.  The white lamb on the right has the most width between his horns at the forehead.   Horns most likely to clear sweep back, and out at about a 45 degree angle while at the same time they also…

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Socks For Sale!

Sizes on labels correspond to men's and women's shoe sizes Boot length, left, compared to Ankle length, right Our socks have arrived from the mill!  They are made of gray yarnthat is 50% our Traditional 1927 ® FFSSA Shetland wool, 20% local Crossbred wool hand-selected by me from our neighbors' crossbred flock (Shetland, Coopworth, Tunis, Rambouillet crosses), and 20% nylon for washability and durability.  Conveniently machine wash (cold), dry flat or on a rack.   These American-made socks are very high quality, with 80% wool in the yarn which means, warm, wicking, and odorless.  They are for summer as well as…

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Why not a lamb roast at the end of July?

People sometimes ask us, "Why not add lamb to the pig roast for Glen Flora Days the last weekend in July?" The main reason is, they are still too young, too small to make enough carcass weight to compensate for the cost of slaughtering, and too young to evaluate for slaughter. Although we are potentially able to slaughter them ourselves, we have no time, limited cooling space this time of year, and we are too busy organizing and working for our community event, Glen Flora Days. We need to keep lambs longer--6 months to a year to properly evaluate potential…

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Sale at Salem Glen Winery in Rochester, MN June 9, 2019

Our booth at Salem Glen Winery, Rochester, MN, beautiful venue, & we were allowed to taste wine and visit afterwards... I sold yarns, rovings, and dryer balls made of our Traditional 1927(R) fine, single-coated Shetland wool. Weather was perfect for our sale Saturday, June 9, 11 am to 5 pm,  at Salem Glen Winery in Rochester, MN.  I had an assortment of  fiber, yarns, and handmade items in natural Shetland colors from our fine fleeced Shetland Traditional 1927 (R) Flock.  Three Rivers Fibershed Vendors had some lovely and inspiring naturally dyed fibers, baskets, and yarns to offer.  I learned some…

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Johne’s Disease Test Results

We just slearned from our Vet today that UW Vet Diagnostic Lab have completed Johne's Disease testing on our flock with the most advanced and accurate Direct PCR tests and our entire flock from age 1 on up is negative for Johne's Disease. They were negative for both Johne's and OPP a year ago as well. See spring issue of Sheep! magazine for a reader-contributed article I wrote in cooperation with our local vet and one of our state experts on Johne's Disease Testing recent advances in testing for Johne's Disease.  

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