2109 Lambs: Round 2 Plus our Naming Theme for 2019 & Some History

GT Winifred X GT Lancelot: DOB 4/10/19. Winifred had two ewe lambs about 2:30 am. She is an excellent first time Mom, cleaned and dried them by herself, nursed the larger one, and we helped the smaller one get started–it was just a matter of clearing out her nose and nudging her tongue to get it in proper ., then she latched onto Mom and got a good, long drink. These are nice, normal sized lambs with tightly curled birth coats–fleeces will be fine and crimped like mom’s and dad’s. Per our daughter Erica’s suggestions, we have decided we will have a brunch naming theme this year, fancy, ethnic or regional brunch foods, with about half of them being of Scandinavian origin. Sheltand sheep have significant ancestry from Scandinavian sheep the Vikings and other Scandinavian settlers brought to the islands and bred with native Soay sheep.. All are Norther Short-tail breeds., We named the larger one, Glen Tamarack Kiisseli (Finnish Fruit Soup) since she is likely a “soup” of two patterns from her parents mixed together, an Agouti gray (the Agouti gray pattern is carried under her sire’s white), we think mixed with her mother’s spotted katmoget.pattern. We have never had a lamb born marked like her–faint gray legs and a tinge of gray around ears, eyes, and nose–the rest very light gray or white–always fun to see what we get when we breed two patterned parents together.We won’t know her full pattern and color story until she grows up. The smaller ewe lamb, who is white like her sire, we named Kringla (Swedish version of the famous Danish Kringle.)

GT Gussalyn x UTS Mancera: DOB 4/12/19 between 5:00 and 8: am, twins, a spotted Agouti gray ram (Agouti grays are born black but their adult color becomes light gray) named “Lefse” and a black ewe named “Lingon Berry”. Both are good-sized, strong, healthy, doing well .Gussalyn also isa first-time mom who had them up, licked, dry, and fed without much help at all from us. .

GT Winifred x GT Lancelot lambs 2019 Kiisseli in back and Kringla in front, 1 day old
WP Noss x UTS Mancera twins, 1 day old, spotted katmoget ram, Rugelach, in front, white ilget ewe, Schnitzella, in back
GT Malkyn x WP Leego, single moorit ewe lamb, Pantacone,, 1 week old
GT Gussalyn x UTS Mancera, Lignon Berry (ewe) and Lefse, (ram) 1 week old

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