2020 Lambing Season Began April 13

After a huge snowstorm on Easter Sunday, the sun came out crisp and cold the following day and by about 10:30 am Monday, April 13, we had 2 ewes, Arabesque and Gussalyn, give birth to their lambs. Both were bred to GT Gamgee, our moorit gulmoget ram. Arabesque’s ram lamb, Alfredo, carries both her katmoget and Gamgee’s gulmoget, so he is dual patterned. He is looking good so far and could be quite useful to someone who has a lot of solid colored ewes and wants to introduce Katmoget and Gulmoget patterns into their flock.

Gussalyn has a beautiful Ag musket ewe lamb and we assigned her the moorit ram lamb who was being cleaned up by both moms and nursing from both when we arrived on the scene–they were all born very fast and although we were checking every 2 hours that morning, neither ewe appeared to be in active labor when we had last checked, and guess what, we missed all three births! So, depending on how he is looking in a few weeks, this solid moorit ram will become either a fleece wether or an intact freezer lamb, as we cannot pedigree him without genetic testing, since Gamgee could have produced a solid moorit with either dam– Interesting morning…

Last night the low was 13 degrees with a nasty wind, so we turned on the heat lamps in the jugs for the night and will be gradually weaning lambs off of them as it warms up, which is not going to happen for a few days yet. Our ground had been clean of snow with some green coming in and once again it is white now.

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